Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic FillerTreatment Grade 1

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Tipi i lëkurës

every skin type


anti-age, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing/nourishing

I përshtatshëm për

women, adults

Specifik për

face, neck



Lifting home treatment for topical and external use.
The non-invasive, skin-plumping regime combines two simple steps to help improve the look of lined, ageing skin.
The first step: apply the cosmetic gel of the first bottle, that contains six types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and structures, to effectively plump the skin with moisture and ‘fill out’ the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Applied onto skin with a truncated tip, it offers targeted delivery on specific problematic areas.
The quick penetrating gel also contains matrifull, an active component that works over time to promote collagen and fibronectin in the skin (natural filling substances that promote youthful, plump-looking skin).
The second step: apply the nourishing film from bottle nr 2, which effectively hydrates and comforts skin, ensuring it receives maximum nutrition and protection.
Enriched with vitamin E with antioxidant effect and shea butter, it will leave skin feeling soft, silky and radiant.
The result: a smoother, younger-looking complexion with alleviated lines and wrinkles.

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